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  • DYNOSTICS metabolism
  • ● ALL under CONTROL: FREE
  • ● For members: €35
  • ● For non-members: €45
  • DYNOSTICS performance
  • ● ALL under CONTROL: FREE
  • ● For members: €40
  • ● For non-members: €50

Detailed metabolism analysis

The metabolism analysis determines the exact calorie consumption per day.

Less time spent: 5-minute rest test provides an ideal starting point for effective training and targeted nutrition

Integrated DYNOSTICS app delivers personalized nutritional recommendations right after analysis

Detailed review: exact calorie consumption per day including percentage of carbohydrates, fat and protein

dynostics prep
dynostics prep

Individual performance analysis

The test shows exactly in which pulse ranges the most fat is burnt, when power is increased and when muscles in the anaerobic area over acidify.

Integrated DYNOSTICS app provides customized training recommendations tailored to your personal goal

Optimal pulse range: analysis of fat and carbohydrate metabolism during exercise (aerobic vs. anaerobic)

Regular control measurements: ideal for reaching a sustainable results

The smart analyzer

  • ● Metabolic analysis
  • ● Basal metabolic rate analysis
  • ● Power analysis
  • ● Individual nutrition and exercise strategy
mobile background patterns
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