πŸ’¬ Answers to general questions

πŸ“‘ Contract

How to get a free test for bringing a friend?

Your friend just has to mention your name during signing the contract or tell us by email. We will contact with you regarding the test immediately

Which packages do you offer?

Currently we have 5 packages. All of them have different advantages. We do recommend to take ALL under CONTROL and Connnected to result plans, since you will have an opportunity to get all the advantages and reach your goal faster. You can compare plans on the pricing page

Do you sell a one-time ticket?

We do sell personal trainings in a small hall. The price of the one training is 25 euros + 8 euros for one-time entrance to the club. In case you want to try our trainings, there is always a trial plan

When does the plan start to work?

In case of the trial package, it starts to be valid since the time you registered on the website. The usual plan becomes valid upon conclusion on the website. The conclusion considered to be done when you agreed with the conditions and pressed button 'Buy now' on the pricing page.

Is it mandatory to register on the website?

The website is connected to our club management system, that is why to become a club's member you have to have an account on the website

What is the bracelet deposit?

To start your trainings in the club we provide you with the personal key bracelet, so you would be able to use the door lock and the training machines. The bracelet is a property of the club. We take the deposit in case you loose a bracelet. When your contract is finished and you have no intention to continue it, we return your bracelet deposit to your bank account back.

Can I pay via Stebby?

Yes, we do have Stebby profile and you can pay for services there. The link is here

How and when should bills be paid?

You will be getting invoices 10 days before the payment date on the email you register your account with. If you haven't received an email with the bill, please, check a spam folder. You can also find invoices in your personal account. Log in - Dashboard - Contract - Invoices. Invoices may be paid via Bank transfer, website or Stebby. We do not accept cash or card payments. The invoice has to be paid even if you are not visiting the gym, because the contract is made on the principle of subscription fee.

The contract is finished. Do I need to pay a contract fee again?

Usually, the contract fee is paid only once, since we need to prepare an account, set up machines etc. for you. We can ask you to pay the registration fee again in case your account was deleted or you have requested the deletion in compliance with the GDPR requlations and you want to join club again.

Can I terminate the contract before the end date?

We have two types of contracts: mandatory with stricted end date and general. General contracts are: ALL under CONTROL, Connected to result, Super Flex, Flex. Mandatory contract with strict end date are SMART and IDEAL. General contracts can be canceled anytime with no reason, but you have to warn club two months before you want to cancel a contract. Mandatory contract can't be canceled and you have to pay a monthly subscription for the whole period of the contract validity time (even if you are not visiting the gym). The exception for both types of contract is injury that prevents doing sports (in this case you will need to provide a valid confirmation from a hospital etc.). A contract will be terinated immediately

Can I get a vacation from trainings?

You can get up to two months of vacation depending on the chosen plan. The vacation is provided for the full month, so you can't have f.e. only 10 days or 2 weeks of vacation. Every month of vacation you have to pay 8 euros instead of your monthly plan payment

How to check contact expiration date?

Log in - Dashboard

What if I haven't paid the bill?

If you haven't paid your bill on time, the door will be closed automatically and you won't be able to enter the club until the debt is paid. If you haven't paid for a long time, the machines may be also off for you.

πŸ’ͺ🏻 Training

What do I need to take to the gym?

For a comfortable workout, you should take in advance: sportswear, changeable shoes, a sports bottle, a towel

How to get into the club?

Use your personal bracelet or your personal pin-code. If you forget it, just log in to your account, go to Dashboard - Contract and it will be there. Note, that code or bracelet won't work if you have debts.

Is there a trainer in the club?

The trainer explains everything on the first training and then follows you and tracks your results via our system. A trainer is usually present in the evening on weekdays, but if you need a trainer consultation you can always contact us by email, and we will put trainer for you.

What are the working hours?

Mon-Fri - 7:00 to 21:00 and Sat-Sun - 9:00 to 19:00

How much time the training lasts?

The training is designed for approximately 35 minutes + time to change clothes/take a shower

Do I need to book the training every time?

We do recommend to book a time on the website. The amount of people at the same time in the gym is restricted for your comfort and safety. Booking helps us to predict the amount of people in the gym, so we can put trainer for you

How can I track my results?

We have a Milon Me app. Just login with the credentials you provided during your first training.

What if I lost a heart rate belt or a bracelet?

In case you lost a bracelet, the 8 euros deposit won't be returned to you. If you lost a heart rate belt, you have to pay 35 euros fee

☝🏻 Other

Do you have a pool/bath?

No, we do not have pool/bath. We only have showers.

Do you have free parking lot?

Regretfully, we do not have a dedicated parking area. During weekdays you can leave your car at the nearest Selver parking. On the weekends you can park your car at neighborhood parking lots for free.

Do you have a water spot?

We do have a water machine. Most training plans include water in the price, but if you have a plan without it, you may want to buy a subscription separately - it costs 6.95 euros.

How to get a member discount for sadko.eu products?

Please, contact us via email to get your code.


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