There is no other way - personal touch and results should be the new standard in the sports market. Connect to results for your good wellbeing and health!

Nowhere else you can achieve that results: together with unique AI-like equipment, personal touch and tailored training plan.

Always the right equipment setting

Thanks to the user recognition feature, the smart equipment adjusts automatically and within seconds to the user’s size, training motive, and related needs.

Keeping training exciting

With the “IA” training, you can achieve any goal in a focused way. Whether it’s muscle building, losing weight, or reducing pain.

Making achievement fun

The gamification elements on the display encourage users’ instinct to play and make training more fun – which has a motivating and inspiring effect.

More time

Patented training visualization. The pendulum displays the movement rhythm to the user and provides direct live feedback during training. Using the pendulum is extremely intuitive by tapping and swiping (like a tablet)




35FIT Circuits with
the “AI” Equipment

Broad range of training circuits spans every need and every performance level: from health-oriented basic training to
specifically targeted strength training.


We offer maximum versatility and flexibility for the training space. From cardio equipment, to expansions for individual circuits, multiple circuits, or equipment for gym floor.


Thanks to its broad spectrum of equipment, the Strength-Endurance circuit is suitable both as training for the beginner and as performance training for the advanced user.


Users’ motives and goals vary greatly. The expansion of the equipment range to include the latest strength training equipment now makes more varied training possible, especially when it comes to effective muscle building.

Training types

Adaptive training

The training weight adjusts to the exerted force automatically in real time. If the muscles become tired, the equipment reduces the resistance.

Normal training

The concentric (muscle shortening) and eccentric (muscle lengthening) loads are identical. This loading and the associated form of training are comparable to conventional mechanical equipment using a constant weight.

Isokinetic training

Resistance is varied in every phase of motion at a uniform speed. All motion segments are performed with an equal amount of power.

Eccentric training

The training resistance is increased in the eccentric (muscle lengthening) phase of movement, making training up to 30 % more effective in comparison to training with a constant weight.



Built for everyone

From beginners to advanced users using predefined training regimes, all training parameters adjust according to the individual training objective and style.


This regime addresses the root causes underlying physical discomfort and can reduce pain.


In order to lose weight, the key to success lies in the specific combination of endurance training and moderate strength training in the high reps range.


Building up muscle mass requires a training load with an elevated weight. Training large muscle groups is a particularly important part of an effective muscle building program.


For women especially, fitness training often begins with the goal of improving their figure. In such cases, specifically geted strength training is the most effective way to reduce body fat

The next generation of smart training control.

Personal key braclete

All of the member’s key details can be
seen at a glance on the display.

Milonizer 3.0

Measure, weigh, test, and analyze in a totally new dimension.

The Milonizer can determine the user’s body measurements in a matter of seconds using an innovative scan system based on biometric markers. The measured data is automatically communicated to the control software and all the equipment is perfectly preset to the user’s body dimensions. An in-depth analysis of the user’s current performance level is created taking into account the various tests.




The test came from the professional sport and now it can be used by regular people for achieving great results without big efforts. Trainer inserts your individual parameters into the system, after that the equipment automatically adjusts and helps to reach the goals.

Nutrition test

Metabolism analysis for a tailored nutritional and training strategy.

The metabolism analysis DYNOSTICS nutrition determines the personal basal metabolic rate, which means the exact calorie consumption per day, as well as the proportion of carbohydrates, fat and protein.

Non-member’s price: 45€

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Performance test

With the performance analysis to the individual pulse ranges

DYNOSTICS performance shows exactly in which pulse ranges the most fat is burnt, when power is increased and when muscles in the anaerobic area over acidify.

Non-member’s price: 50€

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Detaild training review. Milon ME app.

Milon ME is the free app for club members. It makes it easier to view your own training data – anywhere, anytime.


Tracking the training plan
Shows correct way to do exercise
Overview of training and progress
Training stats
For milon devices and equipment-free exercises
Share training successes

The integrated news function now makes communicating with your trainer even easier, more effective, and faster and provides continual motivation.

After the first training your trainer will help you with downloading of the application so you can keep track of your achievements, results and goals.

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